Culotte judging my blog

Travis Scott (travis-x​) - Houston to Osaka (Japan Documentary)
Shot by lifewithuzi
Brought to you by - illroots

Fernando at Rick Owens S/S 2014.

I was on Twitter from my computer for just a few seconds when I saw someone I was following retweeted this. After retweeting it to my own account, I saw her Twitter account is now either suspended or deleted.
What’s also sick is that this girl got replies from other people that seemed like they were shaming her for posting that, like “what else do you expect” or “you’re in the wrong industry”.Terry Richardson is a vile piece of shit.

Serial abuser shithead not even bothering to pretend anymore.
Thank you to Emma Appleton.

Siki Im SS12 by Char Alfonzo

Juun.J S/S 2014 ph Will Johns

Mathieu Malouf
Untitled, 2013

someone explain to me how to get that “donate” link with all the paypal, visa stuff…..?

i want my cut from dumb people